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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

october thoughts, part 2...

i. Tonight is the annual overnight youth service at church, and I will be part of the praise and worship team again this year for the third straight time. Time does fly extremely fast. I can still recall the praise and worship two years ago when I sang with Micah, Tina, Kim, and Janine, all of us (or at least, Micah, Janine, and I) jumping to the beat of Romans 16:19. Speaking of which, it was during the practice for this particular overnight that I got to meet Jade, Erica, Dino, and Anton for the first time.

ii. I've still got cough and colds-- souvenirs from my very full schedule last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. During those three days, I didn't even sleep at home. Come Tuesday early morning, as I was about to sleep after saying goodbye to Erica and Jade in NAIA, I felt the ever familiar and dreadful itchy sensation in my throat. I dunno, but I think I have this tendency to get sick during overnights for some reason. Yikes! Anyhow, my condition's gotten better so I'll be able to sing tonight. I've got to have tissues ready though.

iii. I'm finding myself battling different thoughts gnawing through my head. They're pretty disturbing to say the least and they're almost always there before I go to bed at night or even sometimes during the day. Okay, I won't say anything more because I'll be forced to say names. Just lifting it all up to God now.

iv. To all those who sent me testimonials in my Friendster this month, thanks! Hehe! Opening my account and reading what you wrote about me made me smile, and I definitely mean that. May God bless you in the same way that you have blessed me!

v. Still waiting for the payments for the house to be completed. I'm not sure if the worst is finally over, but the fact that my parents were able to acquire a vast sum of money to pay for the house keeps me reassured that God is in no way abandoning my family in our time of need. From the very start that the decision to move house materialised, we all knew that it was going to take a miracle for us to leave our present house and move into a new one. Well, no doubt that we've already got the great miracle-worker with us 24/7. Thank you Lord.

vi. Leo, Lakan, and I finally got to go out again--something that we hadn't done as a trio for about six months or more. We went to the arcade (I got hooked on a particular versus game, but I can't remember what it's called) and then hung around in Starbucks where Lakan challenged himself to drink one shot of pure caffeine. After drinking it, it took awhile before he could speak tangibly because it seemed as if his mouth was just shooting off everywhere whenever he tried to talk. Ah, the wonders of coffee...hehe!

vii. Ever notice how I don't seem to have one fixed style in the way I blog my thoughts? Haha! Hmm, not that it bothers me though. It's just interesting.

viii. Church anniversary practice is coming up really soon. This time, I won't only be participating in the praise and worship (this is going to be my 4th year!), but also in the hand mime production of the Children's Ministry a.k.a. the Sunday School Teachers. Oh, and speaking of Sunday School, the retreat is this Friday and Saturday. I'm looking forward to having a rather interesting time.

ix. Time to start looking for a school to teach in! Although it's going to be several months still before I'll be going to full-time teaching during the start of the next school year, I feel the need to already begin scouting for the school that would give me a decent pay, a decent workload, and of course a beneficial teaching-learning experience. In addition to this, I also need to brush up on world literature in preparation for the LET which I'll be taking next year along with Micah and Ate Madel. And I've also got to review again my lessons in FOUNED 1 and 2 as well as CURIDEV since the theories aren't concretely in my head yet. So much to study for.

x. Well, I suppose this concludes my October thoughts. Goodbye October, hello November!


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