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Monday, October 16, 2006

october thoughts, part 1...

Let me begin this blog entry with an announcement: I have finally graduated. October 14 marked the day that I climbed up the stage as a form of declaration that I have finally obtained my bachelor's degree in secondary education. As my dad and my grandma put it, I am now a professional. I can't help but feel grateful to the Lord for the great blessing of having spent a bit more than three years of my life in college, meeting new people and actually obtaining highly useful information. So here's to the conclusion of one adventure and the introduction of the next in my life.


Just started reading a book that discusses the Chronicles of Narnia. Since I finished reading the entire collection last year as my goal for READCUR, I have been constantly on the lookout for books that explore them from a literary or Biblical standpoint. I haven't quite finished it yet, but allow me to share the content of the first few chapters:

Ever imagined how Creation could have happened? Genesis 1:1 gives an outline of Creation according to what was created in a span of about a week. We know. We've read or heard it at one point in our lives, and even if we usually forget what was made first, the point remains that God created all things and that it was all good. In The Magician's Nephew, C.S. Lewis tries to capture a fraction of what could've possibly been one, if not the most, incredible things that happened in all of history. Imagine for a moment how, in pitch blackness, light just seemed t0 emerge and sweep in and reveal the invisible. Imagine how plants amazingly sprouted out of the ground and how their branches and leaves seemed to dance. Imagine how space suddenly seemed to be dotted with bright shining stars and designed with the wonders of the celestial bodies. Imagine how flocks of birds suddenly appeared out of the mountains and flew across the grasslands with their immortal songs. Imagine how animals came out of caves and holes and brushes, blinked at the morning sun that greeted them, and cried out in worship to their Creator. You'll realize that even our imagination would probably be inferior to the actual event that happened all those years ago. What happened wasn't just the creation of creatures and plants and light and heavenly bodies. What happened was probably the most awesome worship concert that ever took place. Think about it. Just like any concert, it begins with light to reveal the awesomeness that is about to happen. The stage and stage design in the form of well-shaped mountains, grasslands, and flowing streams of water are later on revealed. Visual effects in the form of stellar bodies dot whatever is left of the darkness. Finally, all created beings come forth, each with their own version of praise and worship according to how they were created by God. I think God did more than just rest during the 7th day of Creation. I think he watched a concert.

A few weeks ago, the Sunday after Milenyo struck Metro Manila, I attended a worship concert in Marikina. There were different musical performances, ranging from contemporary worship to classical music to rap to Jewish music. It was the first time in a long time that the beauty of worship captured me so intensely I actually cried, especially when Ted was already singing "Take Me Lord." It was refreshing to say the least. And what was the theme of this said concert? "All Creation Worships."

All were made to worship. It is when we do what we're made to do that we worship.

I wish I could have seen just a glimpse of that greatest worship concert ever all those years ago...


Jade and Erica are leaving for Canada next week. I've got mixed emotions. I'm excited for them since this seems to be a new adventure for them in their life. I'm happy for them, because at least now they'll get to spend more time as a complete family. At the same time, I'm dreading having to say goodbye to them. It's not going to be easy, considering the past few months I spent with them. If it weren't for the retreat, I probably wouldn't have known them as much as I do now. Oh well. I'll make the most of it. There are still a few precious days left to spend with them.


"My life needs a rewind/erase button." - Calvin, Yukon Ho!
"And volume control." - Hobbes, Yukon Ho!

Know why I included such quotes in this entry? Because they're true...


Why am I still up at midnight? I guess I really do have weird sleeping habits...


Blogger cherished soul said...

to you finally graduating: congratulations!!!(^_^) i'm so happy for you...and so inggit..hehe..hah! next sem ako naman!(^_^)

to your Narnia/Creation comment: i like how C.S. Lewis tried to capture how God brought everything to existence...i like how he depicted God speaking and things coming to life through Aslan's singing...(^_^)

to jade and erica leaving: i have mixed emotions about that too...kung pwede lang sana tumagal pa sila dito...but then it would be selfish of us to ask that...haaaay...

to the calvin and hobbes quote: i think alot of people need a rewind and erase button...and volume control..haha...me included!(^o^)

3:28 PM  

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