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Friday, March 31, 2006

face to face...

I'm actually busy doing something at the moment, but I wanted to include this in my blog. It's a song titled Face to Face...


I call to You
O God Almighty
I seek Your love
Your joy and Your mercy

I run to You
O Prince of Peace
My hope is in You
My comfort and ease

And I wanna see You face to face
'Cause I just long to give You praise
I want to stand before Your dwelling place
And worship You for all of my days

"Oh Lord, I love You," this I'll say.

I turn to You
The Great I Am
I know that I'm safe
In Your loving hands

And I look to You
the King of Kings
I'll serve You alone
Above all things

(back to chorus)

I wrote this back when I was around fifteen or sixteen years old. It's just a simple poem, but I meant for it to be a song. I still remember the way it was supposed to sound like...as if I had just recently composed it. However, because I don't remember how to read notes, I don't know how to read chords, and I don't know how to play a musical instrument, I couldn't put anything else except the words...

I look back at this song and I treasure the words that I wrote because they express a great desire for God that I never had until recently, when the Lord revealed Himself to me in ways that I cannot describe. I love my God so much. And eventually, when that time comes, I will definitely see Him face to face...

That's pretty much it. Just wanted to share this. :)


Blogger cherished soul said...

maybe we can work on putting chords to the lyrics(^_~) God bless your last week for the term!!!

9:17 PM  

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