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Monday, March 06, 2006

more power...more of You in my life...

I hadn't expected things to turn out the way they did, but they have; and I am just extremely excited to find out what else will come my way!

After a great Spirit- and fun-filled time at Tagaytay Haven last February 24-25, my friends and I left the retreat unaware that in just a matter of days, we would be experiencing an intense fire burning so deep within all of us! And, ladies and gentlemen, it is happening now. A fire so strong and so great that we are still so amazed by what it's doing in our lives at present. My friends and I have formed a team known as the OWLS. Actually, it started out as a description for people who just didn't know when to go to bed during the praise and worship retreat. Now, however, the name carries significance to all of us. OWLS can mean a lot of things, but I personally feel that the best description for us would be "Obedient Workers for the Lord's Service." Why? Because, in all honesty, that is what we are: servants of the Lord. And that's no small thing! Being servants of Jesus Christ is the greatest honor that I can think of. And I am honored to know, with full confidence, that I am one of them.

It has only been a week since the retreat in Tagaytay Haven, but if you could just see our reactions when we see each other in church, you'd think we hadn't seen each other for months!

I cannot speak for my fellow OWLS (they're probably experiencing God in a different way), but I can speak for myself. In just one week, my life has completely changed. COMPLETELY. First of all, I just have to have my devotions every morning now! I used to be so lazy to have my devotions. Now, I'm just so hungry for God that I look forward to opening my Bible and taking notes with a pencil and paper. Yes indeed! Big change! Want to hear more? Well, I've never heard the Lord speaking to me before in the same way He is speaking to me now. Yes indeed. I sent some text messages to the OWLS last week, but these were messages that I had never sent to anyone before. Heck, these were messages I never wrote before. And yet, when I sent these messages, they were overflowing with the Lord's power. I knew from that moment on that the Lord was speaking to me in such an awesome way... and He continues to. Yet, another change in me is that I am impatiently looking forward to worship times in church (both youth and in the afternoon service where I'm a backup vocalist)! I used to do this more out of obligation and because of the fact that I can sing, but now, it's just a heart of worship that's driving me on!

I am convinced that the Lord is about to use the OWLS in such a powerful way! I'm prophesying it right now. We are going to be used in such a tremendous and awesome way that I'm going to be so surprised and overwhelmed when I see with my own eyes what we'll do in the very near future! So to my dear OWLS (Vini, Micah, Jaga, Jade, Erica, and Pam), get ready because we're going to be used as instruments for God. Our lives will never be the same...


Last Saturday, my favorite and only sister was released into womanhood. What does that mean? Well, I don't know exactly. But let's put it this way. She has been officially blessed by my parents, us, and her friends with the blessings that the Lord would want to bestow upon each and every one of His children. She has now been given the blessing of my parents to pursue her dreams and find the man that the Lord has planned for her. I was teary-eyed after the whole thing. Even though I had to give up 3 hours with the OWLS for this, I soon saw why God the Lord made it clear that he wanted me to spend those 3 hours with the rest of my family and see how my sister's life was changed forever. It was just disappointing that I had to give up one good thing for another.


Blogger Autumn Solstice said...

Your messages every morning and throughout the day continue to be a blessing to me, personally. I don't think I've ever told you that.

This was a fire that's been a burning ember inside of me ever since I returned to the youth, and even more so ever since I joined the team. But because I was new and lacking, it was just waiting for the right time to explode. And I believe that time is now! Now that a renewed fire has caught on with my friends/co-servants. It is my prayer that we do not backslide. May this fire keep burning passionately, and the only way it can do so is by knowing and falling in love with our God more and more.

By the way, you've forgotten two of us... Marc and Philip.=) They're owls as well.=P

P.S. I like reading my name in blogs as well. I won't even bother saying the reason why.=P

P.P.S. Although we all know that giving up one good thing for another is not something we like doing, just remember three things: she's your sister, it only happens once in your sister's life, and there'll be many more saturdays like this to come... Count on it!

6:14 PM  
Blogger Autumn Solstice said...

Erm, I mean they're owls in the literal sense, since they didn't sleep. Haha. Ewan... Bahala kayo diyan. Who's who in the name doesn't matter when what we cherish is the essence behind it.(^_~)

6:30 PM  

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